Fun in the Sun:
Chill Ikot 2014

Hans Christian Marin

Apr. 30, 2014


Mythbusters. Freshmen took a picture with Oble, a big "no-no" according to myths and stories around UP.

Chill Ikot 2014 is the 2nd annual whole-day campus tour by UP ERG for incoming EEE 2014 freshmen in UP Diliman. The tour is also open to incoming 1st year students from other courses in the university. The event aims to familiarize the freshmen with all the buildings, roads, streets, eating spots and places which they will go to in their whole stay at UP. It also aims to become a venue for them to meet and interact with their fellow scholars of the country. The event presents a glimpse on what they can expect in their UP life by exploring around the campus and by hearing some stories and trivia which will be vital in the rest of their college life.


A total of 90 freshmen from different courses participated in the said tour. The participants were asked to meet at Quezon Hall in the University Avenue. From the Oblation, the groups started walking toward the Carillon Tower, College of Human Kinetics, Vanguard, Track Oval and the dorms. Various trivia were given in each place, and on-hand questions from the freshmen were entertained. Then the groups headed toward the Sunken Garden for lunch. After lunch, the tour continued as the groups walked through Melchor Hall, Beta Way, AS, CAL, OUR, EEE and Science Complex. Further introduction of campus buildings were made. By around 3 pm, the groups headed back at the Sunken Garden for games such as “Agawan ng Panyo” among others to cap off the event. They spent the rest of the time chilling around while enjoying each other's company.



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