DAGITAB is a month-long Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) workshop which aims to help students unleash potentials that could make them promising engineers in the future. Participants will be taught basic electric circuit and logic circuit analysis, basic programming, and microcontrollers. This year, Dagitab introduces an additional day where participants will have a better glimpse of what Electrical and Electronics Engineering is through laboratory exposure.
28 Day 1
Computational Science Research Center, 8AM to 4PM Be prepared to explore the tenacious world of programming in Dagitab 2017's Day 1 as we fill the day with fulfilling lectures and exciting laboratory exercises. Let's work together in increasing our programming know hows as we end the first day with a bang!
4 Day 2
Circuits and Logic
UP Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute, 8AM to 5PM

Get your techie and geeky side out as we jump right in the world of Circuits and Logic in Dagitab 2017's Day 2! It'll be comprised with a half day lecture that's sure to sate your curiosity and the latter half, a whole day of fiddling with components. There's always something fun in Dagitab!
11 Day 3
Computational Science Research Center, 8AM to 5PM

Be amazed by controlling things you thought you couldn't with microcontrollers in Dagitab 2017's Day 3! Program away with the knowledge you gained from Day 1 and finally see the hardware output of all those jumbled letters and words. Surprised? Well, that's Dagitab for you!
13 Day 4
SparkLab Innovation Center, 8AM to 12NN

When you thought learning is limited in the academy halls and rooms, you haven't seen Dagitab 2017's Day 4 yet! Be prepared to learn and enjoy with us in our Outside Classroom Learning as we explore the industry of Electrical and Electronics Engineering through the help of our company sponsors! We guarantee that you haven't seen cool up this close before joining Dagitab!
18 Day 5
Culminating Activity
Computational Science Research Center, 8AM to 4PM

Test your skill, knowledge, and wit as we end Dagitab 2017 with an electric filled blast! Challenge yourselves with our different stations as we throw you questions and problems from Days 1 to 4 to truly give you a one of a kind Dagitab experience. Caution: Expect difficult problems, hard questions, and a memorable experience!
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