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This year, UP ERG took to the skies as they luster and shine at 79.

Dec. 20, 2014


Throwback. UP ERG Alumnus and current CEO and President of Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Rizalina Gervasio-Mantaring gave an inspiring message to the attendees of Siria. She also shared stories about UP ERG during her days as a member.

The University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild Anniversary is a month-long event held during the month of August to celebrate the continuous existence and elevation to newer heights of the family we call UP ERG. During this month, we remember those that came before us, honoring them by immersing in their wisdom and recognizing the achievements they have done for the organization. We look back to our roots and give back to the community. We bear in mind that our organization, down to its simplest vision, is bent primarily on the purpose of assisting the country and its people to prosper. Lastly, during this month we remind ourselves that, before anything else, we are an organization that deserves to revel in each other’s company and have fun once in a while.


UP ERG’s month-long anniversary is kicked off by the Opening Night Celebration. Held during the first week of August, it showcases the ERG Exhibit, a display of ERG’s long and proud history. In this night, we invite our adviser, Sir Richard Hizon, to lead the ribbon cutting of the exhibit, which symbolizes the official start of ERG Month.


A public service event, Existenserum is UP ERG’s means of giving back to the community. This two-day blood-drive aims at aiding various hospitals save lives while also promoting a healthy practice of blood donation among the students of the university.


Finally, a fitting end to a great and eventful month, ERG Night is the annual culmination event to ERG’s foundation and achievements through the past years. It gathers all the current and past members, giving them the chance to showcase their talents to the other members, unwind and have fun.  In nights like these, we are reminded by ourselves that we are not merely students bounded by responsibilities, but committed together by choice, a sincere organization, a real family.

Astrum: UP ERG 79th Anniversary Celebration Events

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