EEE Summit

Synergy is an event where students from various courses related to the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering meet to learn and share thoughts and ideas on how their fields of study can help the everyday lives of Filipinos. It aims to inspire students into thinking and building technological and engineering innovations which can further the country's progress.



Dagitab is a month-long workshop that aims to expose high school students in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Through interactive lecture and laboratory sessions, the participants develop a better understanding on the fundamentals of the said field, and eventually hone their potentials.


Electron is a year-long project that aims to help UP EEEI students in their academics by setting up reviews for EEE subjects. Electron Tutorial Videos are also uploaded online for lectures on subjects not only for UP EEEI students, but also for other engineering students taking up EEE subjects.


Tanglaw is a one-day seminar about energy conservation and alternative energy options for more efficient power consumption at home.


The UP ERG Cup is an organized tournament for various sports such as basketball and volleyball -- open to all EEE students, faculty and members of respective EEE organizations and laboratories.


Transcend is a year-long event that aids in the improvement of the members' skills on fields not usually taught in the academe.

The UP ERG Boot Camp is an event that helps promote the healthy and active lifestyle of the members through teaching the basics of different sports and games.

The ERG Olympics is an intra-organzation competition that tests each committee's wits and skills through games and activities.

The UP ERG Seminar Series teaches essential skills such as marketing, communications, logistics, and more.


Currently on its 4th year, Existenserum is an annual event that helps the National Kidney Transplant Institute and its patients through a blood drive.

UP ERG Discussion Room

Donated by the UP ERG Alumni Association, the UP ERG Discussion Room is a 40-seater discussion room located at the College of Engineering Library II. It has served and aided thousands of engineering students as the most used room in the College of Engineering Library.

Chill Ikot

Chill Ikot is a summer tour for EEE Freshmen around the university, while orienting them with the history and culture of UP.

UP ERG Anniversary

A month-long celebration of UP ERG's establishment, achievements and contribution to the society throughout the years.

Surviverg: Review Series

A special review series for the freshmen that aims to help them survive their first year in UP. Reviews on Chem 16, Math 17, EEE 31 and a crash course on EEE 11  are part of the Surviverg: Review Series

UP ERG Scholarship Program

UP ERG is the first engineering organization in UP to hold a scholarship program. This scholarship is offered to any UP ERG member deemed fit for the qualifications of the said privilege.

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