A group of electrical engineer/radio enthusiasts led by Solon Mathew Dakis founded an amateur radio club in Florida Street, Manila. Realizing the need to establish outside university communication links, these young pioneers pushed for the acquisition of a license to

put up a radio station known shortly after as KA1UP. And thus begins

the life of the University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild (UP ERG).


Planting the Seed

Solon Mathew Dakis'
Graduation Photo, 1936

ERG found both a name and a home in the UP campus. Through the efforts of Mr. Javier Palaban of the Department of Electrical Engineering, it was officially granted its organization name. Its members assembled a transmitter-receiver set from old surplus equipment to be able to put up a campus radio station with the call sign DU1UP.


Forming Stems and Leaves

From then on, each year stood witness to how the UP ERG has expanded from an amateur radio guild to a full pledged departmental organization. It has sponsored lectures and seminars, participated and conducted sports and leisurely activities, and assisted other organizations in problems that were generally electric in nature.


Licenses for the KA1UP Amateur Radio Station started by the founders of UP ERG.


The UP ERG Quiz Show

The winners of the quiz show were awarded with a trophy

In 1963, UP ERG began holding a quiz show, the first ever annual event sponsored by the organization.

The quiz show started as inter-departmental and later on evolved into an inter-university and inter-collegiate project in 1972. The event lasted for 17 years, which ended in 1988.


From youthful stem to sturdy trunk

Side-by-side with the expansion of the quiz show, the organization took pride in having the distinction of being the first departmental organization to establish a scholarship program, the first recipient being Romulado Adao. In conjunction with the scholarship program, a book foundation was also launched to supplement the reading needs of students and to keep them updated on the latest developments in power, electronics, computers, etc.


From youthful stem to sturdy trunk

The organization suffered major financial and technical setbacks when the government declared martial law, resulting in the cancellation of the DU1UP license, the confiscation of the radio station equipment, and a halt to its activities. The organization was able to revive its scholarship program and book foundation a year later.




In the year 1962, while designing the electrical system layout of an industrial plant, a group of senior Electrical Engineering students suddenly started quizzing each other on all the topics they could possibly think of. The following year, the first U.P. ERG Quiz Show was held with most of the science-oriented departmental organizations in the University as participants.


Stunted Growth

The DU1UP License was cancelledand and all its radio instruments are confiscated

1st ECE Quiz Show

The winners of the quiz show were awarded with a trophy

UP ERG Los Baños

The UP ERG Diliman Execomm 75 with the UP ERG LB Execomm

The Department of Electrical Engineering underwent academic restructuring in 1994 adding new courses: Electronics and Communications Engineering and Computer Engineering. Revisions were then made in the organization’s constitution to accommodate students coming from these two courses. In the same year the org felt the need to represent itself and hence the birth of the new ERG logo (the former logo brandished a Bipolar Junction Transistor).


Branching Out

The old and the new

In 1994, the organization's logo was changed.

UP ERG welcomed the new millennium with first ECE Quiz Show, an on-campus concert and the creation of the UP ERG Los Baños Chapter.




The organization, in its 69th year, launched the Dagitab Technofair and CarEEEr Talk. UP ERG was also crowned as the First Engineering Organization Excellence Awardee.


Growing new leaves

2005 marks the organization's 70th year. It was also in this year that the ERG Alumni Association was established and donated a 40-seater discussion room to the College of Engineering Library II, called the ERG Discussion Room. ERG also proved its worth and strength in the University that year as it became one of the top seven organizations comprising the UP Freshmen Orientation Program Committee, thus becoming a part of its Steering Committee. ERG became part of the Steering Committee for four years securing the Second Place in the FOPC 2006 and 2007 and Third Place in the FOPC 2008 under its belt.


Emerald Anniversary

On its 74th year, two sports events were held, Strikeout: Amateur Bowling Tournament, and its third Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, Catch: UFO Spotted.


Athletes and Engineers

On its 77th year, Synergy, a nationwide EEE summit, was launched. It is an event organized by UP ERG in which it aims to be an avenue wherein EEE students from the various colleges and universities will engage in a 3-day congregation where they can learn, compete and realize the importance and relevance of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in the country.



EEE Summit

ERG Discussion Room

A 40-seater discussion room located at the Engineering Library II

ERG Fight!

Members celebrating at their third place win at

2013's Engineering Week

UP ERG was once again recognized in the Engineering Organization Excellence Award.


Double Down

UP ERG garnered its highest finish in the Engineering Week, securing the third place.


For the win!